1041 Triangle Ultra Light Breast Prosthesis


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Airy Comfort for Your Carefree Lifestyle!

You’ll love the classic look and soft comfort of ABC’s Triangle Ultra Light. Our triangle design fits easily into your favorite bra styles for a seamless look. Developed with ABC’s lightest air silicone, this prosthesis aids in managing shoulder tension; keeping sensitive areas comfortable. Enjoy carefree wear with ABC’s Triangle Ultra Light.

Reimbursement: Covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans.
For pricing and availability, ask your certified mastectomy fitterCertified Mastectomy Fitter- CFm, CMF

A certified mastectomy fitter is an allied health care professional that is qualified to provide and/or supervise the assessment, treatment plan development, implementation, and follow-up and practice management of patients using external breast prostheses and other post-mastectomy services.

Certified mastectomy fitters are recognized professionally as having completed rigorous education and training programs that satisfy industry standards.

What does a certified mastectomy fitter do? Pursuant to a physician’s order, a certified mastectomy fitter measures a patient and properly fits, dispenses, and adjusts external breast prostheses, bras, and related supplies. They are integral to the physical and emotional well-being of patients, providing instruction and training on how to properly use and maintain post-mastectomy products. for more details.

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