AO-401 Modesty Bra Pad Inserts by Anaono

By AnaOno

Looking for a little extra support to add to your pocketed bras? Your search is over, introducing the modesty pads that fit perfectly into our bras that don’t come with pads or you can add them into bras that have pads to add fullness without having to use a large form. These pads can also help with asymmetry by doubling them on your smaller side! If you have divots from surgery, these pads can also help to create a more natural shape under your clothing. 

  • Made with high quality material 
  • Soft and durable 
  • Very breathable, you won’t even know you’re wearing them! 
  • Easy to use, simply slip them into the pockets of the bras 
  • Sized by band size of bra to be used in- Example: if you are a size small bra, choose size 32. 
  • Light weight for comfort 
  • Not meant to enhance breast size