BSX Nippies Booby Tape

By B-6

Enhance your natural figure with B-SIX Nippies Tape! This water-resistant tape is made from nylon and features a medical-grade adhesive for a seamless, bra-line-free look. Customize support by easily layering strips.

How to use: When you're ready to wear the tape, first test for skin sensitivities or reactions. Place a strip of tape on your breast for a couple hours. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. If not reaction occurs, you're good to go with these simples steps: unroll and cut the amount of tape you need. It’s a good practice to measure a little longer to ensure you’ll get the lift you want. You can trim later. Peel the back of the adhesive away. Lift your breast up to the desired spot. Then press the tape down onto your breast. Pull the tape up for added lift or in for more cleavage.

To remove the tape: grab your favorite oil and saturate the tape completely. Wait 15 minutes. Then carefully peel the tape straight down. Remove any excess adhesive with a cotton pad.